City vegetation requires special care and protection. Therefore during the creation of city planters, we use innovative solutions, which enable proper development of plants, facilitate the movement of planters and the cultivation of greenery. Thanks to our planters, not only plants will appear where normally it would be impossible to plant them in the soil, but also the aesthetic values of the surroundings will increase. Concrete planters are especially recommended for the city as they not only care for plants safety, but also perfectly match the other elements of urban architecture. With Komserwis planters, nature will feel great in the city and the space will become more friendly to the residents.

Our concrete planters are characterized by very high durability, thanks to use in a production only the highest quality materials and a modern, precisely controlled technological process. The Komserwis planters are also a wide spectrum of the latest trends in contemporary design as well as models with a classic design. This means that our planters can be successfully placed in modern surroundings as well as in classic, historic spaces. The Komserwis planters are a combination of excellent quality, functionality and high aesthetic values. Thanks to them, your investment will gain a unique character, and you will gain street furniture that you will be able to use for many years.

  • Are you searching for concrete flower planters particularly resistant to damage and at the same time priced at a reasonable level? Check our street planters made of casting concrete.
  • Square, round or rectangular planters? In our offer you will find city planters perfectly fitting your investment. Our designs surprise, just like the nature does!
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