Litter bins


A beautiful common space is first of all a clean space! Komserwis concrete park litter bins are aesthetic elements of street furniture that encourage cleanliness and enable efficient service. However, these are not all advantages of our bins. Komserwis focuses primarily on the high quality of its own products, which is why our concrete bins and steel bins (with wooden elements) are a combination of original design, modern construction solutions and rich colours. In addition, our bins are characterized by high durability.

In our wide assortment, you can find litter bins in classic style as well as in modern style. Thanks to this, the models can be easily adapted to the character of the space in which they will be placed. The Komserwis litter bins are also perfectly combined with other elements of street furniture, which allows you to create a space that is stylistic and functional at the same time. Our bins are the crowning achievement of your investment.

  • Wood and concrete? Perhaps an elegant steel? You are unable to pick one material? Look through our products, like for example the Boston metal litter bins and the Agora concrete litter bin, which will ensure you many options to choose from.
  • Modern Komserwis street litter bins will satisfy both, people preferring design (e.g. Intal and Vega park bins) and customers who value durability and functionality (e.g. Brno and Genewa litter bins). We offer steel bins on the post, with or without the roof.
  • Our company helps with the selection of a right litter bin for any planned investment. Our consultants await your call.