Information boards

Display space

The success of information reception depends on the form of communication. Thanks to the combination of modern design and classic forms, the Komserwis outdoor information boards not only improve the aesthetic value of your investment, but also focus the attention of spectators. We offer a wide range of boards made in a varied style and with different materials. Thanks to this, you can precisely choose products that you really need and that meet your expectations. We offer boards that perfectly match both, modern investments and classic spaces. Each model has been designed to convey information in a clear way and at the same time to emphasize the character of your investment.

The Komserwis aluminium information display cases are a practical solution for departments and institutions as well as other facilities that care for providing information. The original design of our free-standing display cases attracts attention, and at the same time positively affects the aesthetics of the surroundings. A wide range of models with a different design means our aluminium advertising display cases can be used in modern investments as well as placed in historical spaces, but without dominating their identity. We offer display cases in various sizes, with and without roofs, with elegant, interesting decorations and characterized by economical forms. All of them have one thing in common: they are effective in the urban space. Thanks to Komserwis display cases, providing information is not only easy, but also very aesthetic and comfortable.

  • Check our outdoor information boards in classic styles, ideal for housing estates, parks and old towns (e.g. Agora, York). In modern space the Boston and Kemi advertising boards will play a vital role.
  • The Komserwis outdoor free-standing display cases are designed for a variety of spaces. You will find something for modern cities and housing estates (Boston, Kemi), as well as places with classic buildings (Agora, York).