At Komserwis we believe, that the common space beauty depends on the smallest elements of street furniture, such as bollards and chains. Check our designs and realisations to personally convince yourself. Our concrete road bollards are an extremely wide range of products made of various materials and with a different design, which allows you to easily choose the right model for your specific needs and the character of the space. The parking bollards offered here (manufacturer Komserwis) are a unique combination of high durability and high elegance.

We also offer chains with various thicknesses, very durable, excellent for connecting bollards, made of concrete or steel, protected against changing weather conditions.

  • Steel street bollards and chains are manufactured from a different materials, properly protected from the harmful influence of adverse weather conditions.
  • The Komserwis city bollards are characterized by countless forms, shapes and sizes – in our offer you will find concrete parking bollards, as well as decorative street bollards and safety bollards.
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