Benches and Tables


City parks and squares are locations, where we meet new people, friends and relatives or simply relax. During the design process of the park benches, Komserwis emphasises not only an attractive image, but also a high level of comfort and a reliable functionality. You can find not only a unique design approach, extraordinary functionality combined with high aesthetics, but also quality that makes us proud of our products. Regardless of whether we make street benches, garden benches or those dedicated to old-towns, we always take care of every, even the tiniest detail of Komserwis products.

We use proprietary construction solutions that make our benches made of concrete, with wooden elements, stainless steel or other material, are always characterized by high ergonomics, durability and functionality. The Komserwis concrete park benches, as well as other products, modern or in classic design, are always characterized by a practical and durable construction. In Komserwis we always use the highest quality materials, which means that products such as a bench (concrete, stainless steel, cast iron, wood and other) can be used for many years without having to replace them. For example, a concrete bench is very durable, it can easily obtain an original shape, and it is elegant. The bench and concrete is a very practical combination with many advantages, but not the only one you will find in our offer.

  • Are you looking for a bench for modern surroundings or a shopping centre? Check our products e.g. the award winning concrete street benches from Intal and Vega collections or the Boston collection inculding a metal bench with backrest.
  • Are you arranging a park or an old town? Select the concrete city benches with a classic style, like Savona, successfully installed i.a. in the historic park of Bielsko-Biała.
  • Do you need advice on the selection of a products for a particular investment project?