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Street furniture

The Komserwis street furniture is an extraordinary abundance of collections, products and solutions. We guarantee that in our street furniture collections you will find the right solutions for your investment. We design and make city and park benches, street litter bins, flower planters, bike racks, parking bollards, safety barriers, tree grilles, information boards, advertising display cases and columns, thanks to which you will create a functional and urban-friendly space.

To help you navigate through our offer, we have divided our products into nine categories. Within each of them you will find many street furniture products, fitted to varied types of space. Each product has a description presenting technical data, materials used for production and available colours.

  • Benches and tables – necessary to create a comfortable space in a park, city centre or a housing estate.
  • Litter bins – help to preserve cleanliness and tidiness. Practical in usage.
  • City planters – with them each investment will blossom with beautiful flowers, and the space will become more friendly.
  • Bike racks – designed in accordance with the latest standards. They allow you to easily attach your bike to a wheel or frame.
  • City bollards, barriers – irreplaceable when designating pedestrian zones, parking spaces and providing security.
  • Tree grilles – protection guarantee for tree roots. Designed to allow access of water and ensure the free development of the plant.
  • Boards, display cases, advertising columns – indispensable elements of street furniture in city centres, as well as at offices, institutions and other facilities.

Our street furniture consists of a wide range of designs and materials. The offer will enable you to comprehensively equip your investment. We encourage you to choose one of the above categories and discover the unusual world of Komserwis street furniture.