Materials and colours

The surface of sandblasted concrete harmonizes with the surroundings and perfectly harmonizes with other materials used in street furniture.

It is a material that guarantees the durability of street furniture, and at the same time allows you to create elegant products for representative spaces.

We focus on exotic wood types that are resistant to weather conditions and at the same time have an interesting structure.

It is an ideal material for the production of street furniture, provided that it is properly prepared. We will take care of it!

Aesthetic appearance, processing options and strength properties make it a material for special tasks. The Letter steel bench is proof of that.

In our products, we use stainless steel elements, completely colorless and powder coated. As a result, Komserwis street furniture is corrosion-resistant.

Details in street furniture allow to achieve great effects. Elements made of durable and giving many possibilities aluminium are proof of that.

Cast iron is a timeless material. It is durable, resistant to corrosion, and allows for the creation of large series of repetitive elements.

It is a flexible material, and at the same time resistant to harsh external conditions. It allow to obtain aesthetic surfaces of advertising columns.